Cotto del Perugino produces handmade bricks by mixing water and clay, as found in nature without the addition of chemical substances.

The Etruscans knew the extraordinary qualities of the handmade terracotta: the art of producing it has defied time, giving us through the centuries unique shapes and colors, such as to mark and profoundly shape the Umbrian and Tuscan landscape. 
In keeping with this ancient tradition, therefore, the work we have done, follows ancient rites that wherever imprint a sign of simple and natural elegance, creating artifacts that give the home a warmth that no other industrial material can give. Our product also guarantees great resistance qualities that derive precisely from the stages of processing that the raw material passes through: the clay. 
It is kneaded in such a way as to make the brick porous: the artifacts undergo a long drying and then get to cooking in an oven at more than 1000 ° C. making them impervious to frost and heat. More and more nowadays, the decision to decorate your home with handmade terracotta is a matter of taste and class. To prefer bricks made one by one, means prefering the warmth and uniqueness of tradition.
The formats realized by us have different applications: the bricks are mainly used for the construction of fireplaces, pillars and interior arches: the tiles are mostly used in the realization of internal and external flooring. Slabs and attics: the square, of further measures, are used for internal and external paving, while the smaller formats are used for bathrooms coatings and kitchens. The steps and corners, as well as for the paving of stairs, are used to thresholds and windowsills. The strips originating from the medieval time, are mainly used for the construction of outdoor flooring that should withstand a high load. Bricks greater than 5 cm thick are used for the construction of load-bearing structures. Additional realized baseboards, hexagons, octagons, lozenges and any other format that is required.

Our bricks are also in great demand for the paving of streets and restoration of monuments but they also perfectly fit into modern contexts. The advice we give is to visit our furnace, so you can realize personally the quality of our products. Putting together our experience and your fantasy we can create the environment that matches your needs as possible.